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Reader Survey

The team at 'Hunter Valley Wedding Planner' value your feedback and would like you to answer these simple questions to help us on our quest to continually improve. Plus, you have the chance to WIN BIG! This survey is also available to fill out in the printed version of Hunter Valley Wedding Planner Magazine. Edition 18 entries close Friday 16th September 2016 – don’t miss out!”


1. Apart from the fact that you are planning your wedding, what attracted you to buying Hunter Valley Wedding Planner?

2. Where did you hear about this magazine?

3. How helpful do you find the magazine?

Not helpful at all

4. Of course it always depends, but generally how often do you refer to Hunter Valley Wedding Planner?

5. Who else has flicked through your copy of the magazine?

6. What was your favourite article or section of the magazine?


7. Would you buy this magazine again or recommend it to a friend?

8.What kind of changes or additional features would you like to see in the magazine? Tick more than one answer if you wish.

9. What is your wedding budget?

Will your wedding (or did it) go over budget?

10. How many guests will you invite to your wedding?

How many guests live outside the Hunter Region?

How many guests live outside NSW or Australia?

Where are they from?

How many guests will need to fly in for your wedding?


11. Have you or your partner come from outside the Hunter Region to be married here? If so, please let us know where in Australia or the World you are from.






















12. Where is your wedding going to be? Leave blank if you are undecided.

13. Will you have a gift registry?


Have you or would you consider choosing an online gift registry such as


14. Is there another person besides yourself who will be an important decision maker in the wedding?


If yes who?

Bride's Parents
Groom's Parents
Other (please specify)


15. Tick as many of the following products or services that you have or intend to book from our magazine.

Venues and Catering
Ceremonies and Celebrants
Gowns, Suits and Fashion
Photography and Video
Themeing and Event Planners
Stationery and Bonbonnire
Beauty, Hair and Makeup
Entertainment and Music
Gifts and Registries
Guest Accommodation and Activities
Hens and Bucks
Honeymoon Destinations
Extra Services


16. Do you visit an advertiser's website that you have seen in the magazine BEFORE contacting them?


What is your preferred method of contacting an advertiser initially?

Other (please specify)


17. What is your preferred method or main source of wedding research/inspiration?



If you use both which would you use most?


18. Is there anything else you would like to say about 'Hunter Valley Wedding Planner' magazine?


19. CHOOSE YOUR PRIZE! Number the prizes from 1 & 2 in order of preference making number 1 the prize you'd like to win the most;

MMG Photo + Cinema valued at $5,000
Williams the Jewellers valued at $2,000

Tell us in 50 words or less WHY you should win your number one prize option;

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. To go into the draw to WIN a selection of fabulous prizes please be sure to fill out all your details correctly. GOOD LUCK...


(Please Note: mandatory details marked with *)

Are you the bride*?
If not please fill in your name here:

Your relationship to the bride & groom?


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